Love By Design

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Life has a funny way of revealing harsh truths.

Cassie Carl believes she has it all. On the cusp of achieving her professional goals and soon to marry the man of her dreams—the handsome, kind and loving Stefan Van Allen—it seems she’s found the life every woman dreams of.

What else could a girl want?

Peyton Kingston is a beautiful, talented interior designer on the rise, whose sole focus is building her business. She loves what she does and has little time or patience for relationships. She’s happy with her life.

What else could a girl need?

When Cassie’s wealthy fiancé brings Peyton in to do a renovation on their home before the big engagement party, sparks fly, leaving both Cassie and Peyton to question everything they thought they already had.

What happens when the thin veil of perfection becomes riddled with holes?

S.W. Andersen’s modern day romance takes you on a journey of self-discovery for two women who thought they had it all.


What readers say about this BEST SELLER:

“A blend of goodness for the heart and brain!!!”           “A great love story!”

“Oh the feels!”                                                                     “Another great read!”

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Co-edited by Cindy Bamford @cindyB1017

Cover design by Rafi De Sousa @tsparklingblue

Love By Design